Wednesday, November 28, 2012

MADE IN EGYPT: The Sahara Collection: part2 5 minutes with Karmah and Zeina

As you all probably know I got the lovely opportunity to attend The Sahara Collection's show in Cairo Fashion Festival. On top of that I got to ask Karmah and Zeina a couple questions for my blog. Karmah and Zeina were the first designers to showcase their designs and I have to say that their show was the FIRST fashion show I ever saw (IRL, I saw plenty online). So their show will always have a special place in my heart. They design fabulous, comfortable clothes that depending on the way you style them can be worn in the morning and at night. They don't only design clothes, the also design amazing clutches.
When did you know that you wanted to be a fashion designer ?
Karmah : ive always been interested in art & design ever since i was a child. I decided to make it happen when i graduated.
Zeina: when i felt i wanted to contribute to the local market in egypt by promoting fashion as an art.

Where do you find your inspiration from ?

K & Z: Antiques, Vintage collections, ethnic origins, mixed with today's trends.
What's your favorite thing you ever designed?
K: an embroidered voile off the shoulder top embellished with a crochet trim . it was last summer's hit
Z: a black satin jumpsuit and my collection of clutches because i put a lot of time and creativity into each one
What's your favorite magazine?
K : People Style magazine
Z: In style magazine
Who's your favorite fashion designer?
K: Roberto Cavalli
Z: Chloe & Stella Mcartney
Tell me a bit about your newest collection.
K&Z: our winter collection ranges from everyday winter essentials to unique pieces to add style to the winter season. all of our items are about comfort as we believe you must feel good in order to look good. Versatility is something you will find in most of our products; we like designing clothes that you can transform from a daytime outfit into something dressier at night by adding a chic pair of shoes or glam accessory.
What inspired your collection ?
K&Z: The ethnic, tribal and fringe trends were great inspirations to us this season. we incorporated them a lot into our collection mixed with Sahara's core style elements.
What does it feel like to be a fashion designer in Egypt?
K& Z : we feel really blessed we got the opportunity to contribute to the Egyptian market. We would love to see Egyptian production flourish & hope we can be a part of making it happen.
How is it to work with your sister ?
K : it's great to work with my sister as we have a blast combing our ideas into one; our designs would not be the same without the other person.
Z: it's great to work with my sister because there's nobody i trust more than my family & i like bringing our ideas together.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

MADE IN EGYPT: 5 Minutes with Yasmine

pictures of the show curtesy of Cairo zoom

Yasmine is a talented young egyptian fashion designer. She designs edgy clothing that keep on showing up in my dreams and that I could definitely see myself wearing. Her designs are very edgy and original and I just love them. I got to meet her at Cairo Fashion Festival and as soon as I saw her show I was amazed and wanted to ask her a couple questions so here are her answers.

 Me: When did you know that you wanted to be a fashion designer ?
Yasmine: I always wanted to study and pursue painting. After I applied to several fashion design schools I thought it might actually work out, and this might be my career someday. When I got accepted and was actually starting my first year at ESMOD, I knew then that this is what I want to do, making art come to life in garments. Something that a woman would wear and feel confident, sophisticated and fashionable. 
Me: Where do you find your inspiration from ?
Yasmine: Depends, usually from architectural designs, to get details for cuts and construction. Colours depend on the season and the inspiration; black and white are always in the mind! 

Im usually inspired by a powerful, edgy, sophisticated, fashionable and unique woman. That look inspires me in general.
Me: What's your favourite thing you ever designed?
Yasmine: The black suede bustier dress that I designed for my first fall/winter 2012-13 collection. I made it all by hand, it took me 2 entire weeks to complete this dress. As hectic as it was, its by far my favourite piece. It contains all the elements that I was inspired by in the collection, it's the perfect piece to explain the collection. 

Me: What's your favourite magazine?
Yasmine: Numero Magazine Paris

Me: Who's your favourite fashion designer?
Yasmine: Ricardo Tisci and Alexander McQueen

Me: Tell me a bit about your newest collection.
Yasmine: Its very dark, edgy, and sophisticated. It might not be what every woman looks for, especially here in Egypt. However, its what my brand is mainly about, it's my main inspiration, that look of a certain woman. 

Me: What inspired your collection ?
Yasmine: photograph by of a skull hedi slimane, and some architectural images for details and construction of garments. 

Me: What does it feel like to be a fashion designer in Egypt?
Yasmine: It feels really good actually. Its what I've always wanted since I started my fashion design career. I always wished to see someone actually wearing my designs. Seeing that woman wearing something that I created is the best feeling in the world.


Saturday, November 24, 2012

The leather phase

I've recently become a leather jacket lover, just wearing one gives me a confidence boost. Leather jackets make me feel like a rockstar and keep we warm when it gets cold. This one is from Stradivarius but you can find them anywhere (don't go searching for one in a grocery store).
I got attracted to this one because it was neutral, edgy, has a zipper and studs.
Gotta LOVE leather jackets.


Friday, November 23, 2012

MADE IN EGYPT: Sirin Arafa: part1 The show

The second designer to showcase  her designs at Cairo Fashion Festival was Sirin Arafa and I have to say that I was blown away by the outfits and the prints. All of the pieces could be dressed up or dressed down. The designs were a mix of funky and fresh elements and sophisticated elements. I really liked it and can't wait to get my hands on the tiffany blue lace blouse even thought summer is over.. I know I'll find a way to wear it in fall and winter.


Thursday, November 22, 2012

NOLA CUPCAKES: black and white macaron cupcake

As you all know I'm a fashion addict but I'm also a cupcake addict, my favourite ?
This black and white macaron cupcake from NOLA . It's probably one of the yummiest cupcakes I've ever tasted and it looks so good I have to think twice before ruining it (aka eating it).

What's your latest addiction?

Saturday, November 17, 2012

MADE IN EGYPT: The Sahara Collection: part1 the show


Yesterday night I went to  Cairo Fashion Festival and may I say, it was amazing. The first designers to showcase their designs were the sisters Karmah and Zeina behind THE SAHARA COLLECTION. They opened the show amazingly and I'm desperately in love with every single outfit in their show. The outfits were quite feminine with an edge and had an unexpected element to it that made it very original. I can't wait to pick up a few items from this collection.