Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunnies love

Hey you!
I need to tell you something.. I'm addicted to sunglasses! Wanna know why? They look so freaking amazing! When I think of sunglasses the things that come to my mind are explosions (in action movies when the main character walks away from an explosion and doesn't look behind him he's usually wearing sunnies), beaches and old rock bands.
I like to wear sunglasses because they keep my eyes protected from the sun and they usually give me that extra confidence boost that I need in the morning to start socializing.
Right now I'm really into cat eye sunglasses, bug eye sunglasses (round frames) and oversized sunglasses.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Building your spring wardrobe 101: part2

Hello my little fashionistas,
For the second part of this post I'll be telling you all about my favourite tops. Tops are probably one of my favourite thing to purchase just because they come in pretty much every colour, shape, design, pattern, cut (...)

1-Printed shirts: Printed shirts are the easiest thing to pull off. They work on everybody. Having a lazy day?  Just pair a printed shirt with leggings and pretty flats et voila!

2-Printed jumpers: Apart from looking cute, printed jumpers keep you warm and you can find them everywhere! When the weather isn't cold nor hot I just pair a printed jumper with dark washed jeans and ankle boots.

3-Blouses: Blouses are my favourite thing to wear just because they look amazing and come in a huge selection of colours, cuts (...) I usually wear them in the afternoon and at night.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

ctrl+z jewelry by Zinab Chahine

Hello my little fashionistas,
It's no secret that I'm addicted to jewelry so when I discovered ctrl+z I was the happiest girl on earth. Wanna know why? Because she has the funkiest rings ever that I'm in love with.
And want to know something else? It's handmade!
She has a huge selection of rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, key chains and pins you can pick from AND she also makes custom orders.

That's the one I ordered

Don't you worry, I'm gonna post another post about ctrl+z soon..


Monday, March 4, 2013

5 minutes with Nada Akram

1-When did you know that you wanted to be a fashion designer ?
I always loved fashion since I was a kid but I never thought that I would become a fashion designer till I designed my prom dress then all my dresses after that , it all started when my friends asks me every time I wear something different and they want something similar , they encouraged me to start and it took me years to take the decision .

2-Where do you find your inspiration from?
I find my inspiration from everything around, usually fabrics inspire me the most, even when I am done with my mood board I always break it when I find a fabric that catches my eyes.. Inspiration is everywhere specially the Internet.

3-What's your favourite thing you ever designed?
I guess the Audrey Hepburn T-Shirt (pretty girls are the prettiest girls) I remember I had this huge smile on my face when I added the big pink bow on her head might look so simple but I love simplicity and adding something to small to something that looks so normal is my favourite part. The other item is the blazer with Arabic calligraphy it just defines who we are and I am proud to be Arab and I used to have those calls from friends telling me we saw your blazer on a girl somewhere they just knew it immediately because it was like my signature.

4-What's your favourite magazine? 
 And who's your favourite fashion designer?
I don’t have a favourite magazine, but vogue helps me a lot in my mood boards, favourite designer will always be coco Chanel as it represents simplicity and a revolution in fashion back then.

5-Tell me a bit about your newest collection.
My new collection is a mixture of pastels, neon crazy & really crazy prints.
I refused to follow the studs and spikes trend as much as possible as I am pretty sure every one else will use them. I played with colours and as usual I keep it simple
 I would say 80's inspired my latest collection as I was born in 80’s, and pastels as well.

6-What does it feel like to be a fashion designer in Egypt?
It feels great to be a fashion designer in Egypt to start in a field that just started to boom feels really good and I am happy there are a lot of fashion designers starting to appear on the field as it keeps a good space for competition and I am only talking about real fashion designers not those ones who steal other designs or get stuff from stores and add some pins on the shoulder. Those are defiantly pathetic.

7-Define style.
Style is a choice and a statement you want to give to the world about you to define who you are. It’s the reflection of your identity!

I was so happy to have this amazing opportunity to interview Nada Akram and I have to say that I loved her answers almost as much as I love her clothing line. Don't forget to like her facebook page.