Thursday, February 28, 2013

Building your spring wardrobe 101: part1

Hello my little fashionistas,

I don't know about you but personally, I'm in love with spring and summer. For today's post I'll be showing you how to build your spring wardrobe, from the basics to the spring pieces you gotta have, I've got you covered.

1- Floral pants: Wanna know a little style secret? You can take your floral pants from day to night while only changing your shirt. In the morning you can pair your pants with a white shirt and at night pair them with a black shirt and voila!
2- Colourful pants: When I asked my older sister what was her spring must have she told me that it was colourful pants. Colourful pants are a perfect way to make a spring statement without going over board. You can buy them in pretty much every colour and they're so trendy right now.
3-Silk pants: They are THE most comfortable thing ever. They look amazing paired with plain shirts and seriously I can not tell you how much I love them. They're great for Friday mornings (which is the only day in the week when I eat my breakfast out of my house). Once you put them on you'll never wanna take them off.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I've been obsessed lately with chalk hair because it's so easy and looks so cute. So I thought about trying it on my own hair and it was surprisingly easy. So below is an easy tutorial on how I did it on my hair!
First step: Brush your hair and apply some serum if your hair isn't soft enough.
Second step: Spritz some water so the hair until it's slightly damp. If the hair gets too wet then it can become messy.
Third step: Take the desired hair chalk and apply it to the strand of hair in a downward motion and twist your hair as you chalk.
Fourth step: Let it dry.
Wanna see my result?

TADAAA! It isn't perfect but considering that it's the first time that I do it, it's pretty good!


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

9 crimes by identity magazine

Hey fashionistas,
Can you guess what I'm gonna talk to you about today?
You guessed correctly! I'm gonna be talking about 9 crimes by identity magazine.
First of all, for those who don't already know, identity magazine is a woman's magazine helping their readers to discover and improve their own identities. 

"Identity is proud to introduce the release of its brand "9 Crimes" and its designers, Sandra Rizk, Sandra Issa and Huda Elmofty. Presenting their first collection "Innocence Lost", one off vintage pieces that has been embellished to create a piece of art out of dull items. The name was inspired by Damien Rice's song "9 Crimes". Since we are only making one piece of each, here comes the relation to our brand where the song is addressing a person in love with another yet they can't be, simply because one of them is taken. Just like that our one off item pieces can be loved by many and only owned by one. 9 Crimes is not only about vintage embellishments, but we also customize pieces and design our own unique garments." -Identity magazine