Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Makeup products that I use everyday

Confession time I love makeup! So in this post I'll show you the products that I use daily, if you want a review on one of those products please leave a comment and I'll happily review it or them!
First off I use benefits porefessional on all my face because it helps minimize the pores and is also a primer, then I use a Mac blush and some random bronzer. Then I use a 17 black eyeliner, a loreal lip gloss and a essence lip maximizer that doesn't really maximize the lips but I use it as a gloss because I like its finish.I'm not sure how this post will turn out coz I'm writing it on my phone but hopefully it'll be nice.


Monday, July 30, 2012

Dior Addict Fragrance

I like the ad A LOT but it doesn't make me wanna buy the perfume 


Online shopping addiction

I'm a shopaholic so when I understood that I can shop while laying on my bed I totally lost my mind so in this post I'll share with you my fav online shopping sites and a couple that I just discovered .. Enjoy !


One word, 7 letters .. AMAZING ! They have everything from trendy pieces to vintage pieces, there's definitely something for everyone.

Back to school shopping online. HAHAHA they have clothes, shoes, accessories, bags even STATIONARY


It's more expensive then the others but the leggings are amazing.

SOME NEW DISCOVERIES (didn't order anything from them yet) ♥


P.S : What's your fav online shopping store ?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

La Petite Robe Noire - Mon nouveau parfum - GUERLAIN

* here's a link to watch it *

Stumbled upon this add today and I want to buy this perfume now ! hahaha
The ad is adorable thought ♥



I recently got some gold glittery ballerinas, I wore them once for a wedding (the reason I got them) and I want to wear them again but I'm not sure how! If you have an idea on how I should wear them please leave it in the comments bellow. 



Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Nazly's outfit

My older sister had a little gathering/party tonight with her friends. One of her friends called Nazly had an amazing outfit that I love.
She had a nice maxi skirt a printed top and a blazer.

She also had pink studded shoes.
Her outfit was just so pretty that I had to share with you !


What you should put in your beach bag

So where I live it's summer and I end up going to the beach and the pool a lot. So here is a little guide on what you should put in your beach bag.

First of all you want a cute beach/pool bag,
This one is from Rebecca Minkoff and I like it because it can double up as a handbag if you go meet friends afterwards.
Now that you have your beach bag what should you put in it ?

1- Sunscreen, you need to keep your skin protected at all times.
2- Water you need to be hydrated.

3- A towel you need to dry that wet skin of yours.
4- Lip balm with SPF your lips need to be protected to.
5- A magazine or a book.
6- Hand sanitizer and wipes, just in case your hands get dirty.
7- Sunglasses they're cute and keep your eyes protected.

8- A hat.

9- Flip flops.
10- A cute cover up and something else to wear in case it gets wet.

11- A leave in conditioner and a brush.


So that's what I put in my beach, what do you put in yours ?


Ombré hair

OMBRE HAIR , So I get that it's a trend now but I'm not sure how I feel about it . Ombré is a french word for gradient, I don't know how this trend begun but I'm really curious to know !
So her are some pics I found on google about the ombré hair trend.

Let's start with this one, it's like a harsh line, the colours don't  really blend which I really don't like.

This one I feel is a bit to much , the bangs plus the ombré hair ? Im not a big fan.

That one I feel is way better than the previous ones ,   it's like a dark colour that fades away which is kinda cool.

If you're going to be in a fashion shoot give this look a go if not,  I'm not sure you should.  In this look the roots are blond and the rest is pink ombré. I don't like the pink at all. I like it in the dip dyed hair thought.

That one is pretty, it reminds me of my cousin ! You can really see the ombré effect !
 So that's my thoughts on ombré hair.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jeffrey Campbell Lita's

So I have this quest to find the perfect Litas, I really want to get one but I'm not sure which one , so in this post I'm gonna post photos of my favourite Litas and why I like them and hopefully at the end of this post I'll know which one I like the best :)
This pair is the craziest of them all considering that I'm not even American , but I don't know why but they look so pretty and to die for ! My friend who isn't a huge Lita fan liked that one and said that if she has to get one it'll be that one.

How could someone go wrong with denim ?  This pair is so casual which I love in it and that shade of jeans is so pretty

ONE WORD 7 LETTERS : GLITTER it comes  in different shades of GLITTER and this is the GORGEOUS champagne  one ! I just LOVE this one, I guess it's the perfect party shoe !

Lime green Lita ? Yes, please ! I just love this colour it's so pretty !

So everyone is addicted to a print can you guess which one ? THE COSMIC PRINT !! It's just so pretty and it looks so COOL I just love it !

This one reminds me of the evil queen in snow white , who happens to be my favourite character in the movies ! The shoe is so UNIQUE , I never saw any thing like it.

Mint green ? How can someone say no ? It's just so pretty , in trend and feminine ! It looks like the perfect mint green shoe ! I just love it.

METALLIC SHOE ! Did you look at that heel ? It's like a mirrored silver heel , and the shoe itself just looks gorgeous !

Remember what I said earlier about the champagne glittery one ? Just replace the word champagne by SILVER !

Again with the metallic thing , it's just gorgeous I LOVE IT !

SNAKESKIN !! I have a snake skin ballerina now I need a snake skin heel , this one isn't one of my favourites.

WHITE GLITTER ! It looks more like shimmer but it's still gorgeous !
So that's my first post hope you like it and I guess I'll see which one I like better..


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