Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What you should put in your beach bag

So where I live it's summer and I end up going to the beach and the pool a lot. So here is a little guide on what you should put in your beach bag.

First of all you want a cute beach/pool bag,
This one is from Rebecca Minkoff and I like it because it can double up as a handbag if you go meet friends afterwards.
Now that you have your beach bag what should you put in it ?

1- Sunscreen, you need to keep your skin protected at all times.
2- Water you need to be hydrated.

3- A towel you need to dry that wet skin of yours.
4- Lip balm with SPF your lips need to be protected to.
5- A magazine or a book.
6- Hand sanitizer and wipes, just in case your hands get dirty.
7- Sunglasses they're cute and keep your eyes protected.

8- A hat.

9- Flip flops.
10- A cute cover up and something else to wear in case it gets wet.

11- A leave in conditioner and a brush.


So that's what I put in my beach, what do you put in yours ?



  1. You can wear the swimsuit, coverall, flip flops and hat so they won't go in your bag. :-P


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