Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jeffrey Campbell Lita's

So I have this quest to find the perfect Litas, I really want to get one but I'm not sure which one , so in this post I'm gonna post photos of my favourite Litas and why I like them and hopefully at the end of this post I'll know which one I like the best :)
This pair is the craziest of them all considering that I'm not even American , but I don't know why but they look so pretty and to die for ! My friend who isn't a huge Lita fan liked that one and said that if she has to get one it'll be that one.

How could someone go wrong with denim ?  This pair is so casual which I love in it and that shade of jeans is so pretty

ONE WORD 7 LETTERS : GLITTER it comes  in different shades of GLITTER and this is the GORGEOUS champagne  one ! I just LOVE this one, I guess it's the perfect party shoe !

Lime green Lita ? Yes, please ! I just love this colour it's so pretty !

So everyone is addicted to a print can you guess which one ? THE COSMIC PRINT !! It's just so pretty and it looks so COOL I just love it !

This one reminds me of the evil queen in snow white , who happens to be my favourite character in the movies ! The shoe is so UNIQUE , I never saw any thing like it.

Mint green ? How can someone say no ? It's just so pretty , in trend and feminine ! It looks like the perfect mint green shoe ! I just love it.

METALLIC SHOE ! Did you look at that heel ? It's like a mirrored silver heel , and the shoe itself just looks gorgeous !

Remember what I said earlier about the champagne glittery one ? Just replace the word champagne by SILVER !

Again with the metallic thing , it's just gorgeous I LOVE IT !

SNAKESKIN !! I have a snake skin ballerina now I need a snake skin heel , this one isn't one of my favourites.

WHITE GLITTER ! It looks more like shimmer but it's still gorgeous !
So that's my first post hope you like it and I guess I'll see which one I like better..



  1. Jeffrey Campbell Lita's are the best! would love to own all his Lita's creation :D the glitter and cosmic Lita's looks sooo gorgeous :)

    1. I would love to own them all too ! Thank you for the comment ♥

  2. your choices are amazing! I particularly love the mint green and white glitter one! oh, and the cosmic print! did you end up getting any of them? :)


    1. Thank you, I ended up buying the lime green one because it was so bright, I'm thinking about having a post on how I style them later on :) xx


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