Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wish list- getting ready for fall

It's almost fall, so I decided to  do two wish lists!
ALL the items from this wish list are from topshop. While creating this wish list I was inspired my the military trend, studs, stripes, edgy items and of course I had to put a girly item in this wish list.
All of the items on this wish list are from.....        you guessed it! ALEXANDER WANG my fashion crush, words  can't explain how much I love his work, he's just amazing. This wish list is full of sophisticated and chic items and the colour scheme is very neutral.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

LUSH - FUN review

Sorry for the absence!
I recently got the FUN shampoo/body was and I'm loving it. It's just so fun to play with and you can wash your whole body+hair with a tiny amount! The smell is amazing, it's a mix between a fruity and candy smell. I just LOVE it.  The packaging is so cute reminds me of a piece of candy. I would really recommend getting it!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Look book part 2, skulls, spikes and chains

It's still summer where I live but I'm so excited for fall so I decided to show you guys the jewellery and accessories that I've ben wearing and that I'm planning to wear in the upcoming fall season.

The first thing I got was this chain earring thing. I got it because it caught my attention because the pearl is so classic but the chain thing is so edgy!
I love pairing it with a spike earring!
Like this one that I'm in love with!
 I also got some bright bracelets and some skull bracelets that I love!


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hearts and peter pan collars

Yesterday I went to H&M and picked up a shirt and a skirt! The prints are so pretty and girly and I just love them!


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A peek inside my scrapbook

As you all probably know by now I love fashion. So guess what I do with my magazines when I read them over 100 times?
I cut the articles I like and stick them in a scrapbook..
Last summer I spent my whole vacation scrapbook-ing and I really like the result! So I thought that I'll share it with youu!
Hope you like it!
P.S : sorry if the photos turn out looking a bit weird upside down or something like that because this post is done entirely on my phone

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Colour blocked oxfords

As I was in love with the hot pink oxford I bought I decided that I should get an other one! I ended up getting a neutral colour blocked one because it's so easy to pair it with various outfits. I think that I'll end up wearing  it a lot in fall.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fall look book part 1

It's still super hot where I live but I'm super excited for fall! On my last shopping trip I picked up a couple of stuff for fall and decided to style them for my fall look book part 1! When I went shopping I was searching for specific stuff, I wanted a cute, crazy and original print (style tip: don't be afraid to experiment with different, new prints) , denim, ombré, studs and pieces that I could layer! I ended up getting 4 pieces that I styled so that you can wear them on a casual day. I kept the same bottom in all the outfits and shoes (leggings from zara and sneakers from aldo).

Here is my first outfit! It's very casual and edgy! Did I mention how comfy this outfit was? I'm just in love with it, it's maybe my favourite out of the 4! I will wear this outfit when I want to look fashion forward in super casual days (duhhh). The jacket is from zara and the T-shirt is from forever 21!

Some details on the jacket

 Neck candy? the peace sign is from Tiffany's and the A is from Italy!

The second outfit is very effortless yet fashionable! I love the top it's very warm and has a ton of studs (spikes?) on the shoulder! I will probably wear this outfit on my lazy days in which I wanna look cute but don't want to put any effort on my outfit!
The top is from Zara.


 I really like layering clothing in the fall and winter. So for this 3rd outfit I wore a white tank top, a denim shirt from zara and a colourful scarf from Mango. It's a very laid back look!

I LOVE THIS SHIRT! The dogs on it are so cute! This is the dressiest of the casual outfits. The shirt is super feminine and suits all 

 Look at this cute yet crazy print!

Stud details!

Which is your favourite?