Saturday, October 20, 2012

Favourite bags + wishlist

Sorry for the absence I was so busy with school and stuff, but I have an autumn break now that I'm going to use to blog, blog, blog, blog, blog and maybe rest. But I need your help, what blog posts do you want me to do? Let me know.
For today's post I wanted to show you my 5 favourite bags and the 3 bags I'm dying to get.

I'm really into neutral bags at this moment but I kinda want to add colourful bags into my everyday "bag routine" if that makes any sense.
My current favs are an oversized Long champ, a faux fur bag from zara, a clutch from accessorize, a brown bag from accessorize and a hand held bag from Pauls boutique.
Onto the 3 bags that I'm dying to get!

A cambridge blue satchel, a multi coloured Aurelie satchel from a shop called Forever New and my fav of them all a Pashli satchel from 3.1 Philip Lim.

Oh and here's a little picture I took yesterday.

What's your favourite bag?


  1. I love your style.
    I follow you, I really liked your blog.
    I´m number 100!!!!
    Do we follow each other?

  2. Love the bags, I actually have lots of favourite bags 2 :D, and welcome BACCK !!

  3. WOW! I love the pink one.. mAybe because I love pink? Anyway, I love your posts, I read some of your older posts and I love them so I followed! ;)

    mind if you check mine & perhaps a follow?


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