Monday, August 27, 2012

New in

I've been shopping a bit and thought I'd share with you the accessories I bought.
But first check out my guest post on A is for Ayla!

This scarf from Mango that I'll be wearing as a hair turban because hair turbans are awesome and they're my new obsession.. I picked it up because the print is crazy and I think that it'll be nice to wear in almost all the seasons. The only thing that I don't really like in this is that it has a bit of a fringe at the end. I LOVE fringe but not this tiny amount of it and not with this pattern! I can't wait to wear it as a hair turban!

I got these two bracelets while I was buying my school supplies. Who would've thought that a stationary would sell bracelets! I was so happy to get them because they look so funky and the colours of the peace signs are so bright and pretty. The only con is that they are a bit big. I like them.

MOUSTACHE NECKLACE. I just had to have it, I got it from accessorize and shortened it a bit for it to look better on me. It looks so pretty even thought I think that it would look better if it didn't have the gold detailing but I still love it.

Hope you enjoyed this post!



  1. Cute stuff, love the scarf! Could you make a post on how to use scarves as hair turbans?
    <3 Natalie

  2. Hi lovely, I have an award for you in my blog!!!
    I hope you like!!!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  3. Such cute picks! My sister has that mustache necklace lol! Missed your blog <3

  4. Love the scarf! Fantastic!
    I saw you on IFB...
    Do you want to follow each other?
    Take a look at my blog and follow me if you like, I will follow back :)

  5. I like your scarf!
    I am a new follower. You can visit my blog too.

  6. Hi, honey! I really liked your blog, you have great photos! Now, I am your faithful follower! I really hope that you enjoy my blog and you will be my follower!)))) Miss you, kiss!

  7. Ohhh I'm lovin' that necklace. I really gotta get one of those. Cuuuute blog!!!

  8. such a lovely scarf! and omg i love the necklace, it's so amazing!! =D XO

  9. Love it, absolutely like your style <3


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