Tuesday, August 7, 2012

sunglasses rave

I had a weird dream, I was living in the 90's and I saw something some round sunglasses with like a gold cat eye on top (bad description sorry). So I was searching everywhere online for something like that and I found ...

They are so pretty and are for 39 $ in urban outfitters *LOVE*

Of course I couldn't stop here I had to find some other amazing sunglasses in the same ..... uhhhhmm style !

So I found ...

Aren't they AMAZING ?? hahaha 

I think I'm gonna start a sunglasses collection cause I'm in love with sunglasses at the moment.



  1. I love those cat shaped sunglasses, there are very stylish and very 60's which I adore <3

  2. Oh yes they are amazing!! I love them!! I ordered a similar one like the one on the last picture from topshop! But it does not suit me:( I am really sad about it!

    Hope you visit me on my blog

    1. Aren't they ? hahaha
      ohh you should try aviators they suit almost every face shape !
      And I love your blog!


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