Saturday, January 26, 2013

Summer 2013 Trends according to moi

Hey fashionistas,
I think that I'm obsessed with predicting trends. So below are a couple "trends" that I would wear and I hope they become actual trends (that kinda sounded lame).

First trend: printed pants.

Don't you just LOVE printed pants? Don't feel like putting on a complete outfit? Just wear printed pants and a white shirt in the day time and a black shirt when the sun goes down. Easiest outfit ever.

Second trend: Floral crowns

I actually really like them. They look like something straight from my dreams. I would pair them with a white maxi dress, a chunky long necklace, wedges and a couple bracelets in the day time OR  black high waisted lace shorts, a light pink cropped shirt, stilettos, a couple long necklaces and a cuff at night.

Third trend: White dresses

White dresses are so versatile. The same dress can be used as a cover up  over a swimsuit paired with a pair of flip flops or sandals, a cute hat, sunglasses, a beach bag and a couple bracelets. It can also be used at night with a neon belt, matching heels, a cuff, a clutch, a statement necklace and a couple rings.


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  1. I love all of these trends! The whie dress and floral crown would look great together! xx


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