Friday, January 11, 2013

Taking a cue from Clueless

Hello my little fashionistas!
It's no secret that I love Clueless so imagine my reaction when I found out that wildfox is gonna lunch a clueless collection in 2013! I basically jumped out of my seat and crazy danced. There are quite a few things that I want to buy from this collection so I can't wait till it's available online. Looking at the pictures got me thinking what outfit can I make from my clothes that Cher would wear? So I pulled some stuff out from my closet and came up with an outfit. And while doing that I found some super cool vintage clothes in my mom's old closet.And what's the thing I'm dying to get from Wildfox's collection you may ask? An amazing pink skirt with stars!

My mom got me that dress from Primark and my blazer is from Bershka. If you want to look like Cher but don't want to go full on old school try coloured blazers and pastel cropped cardigans.

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